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July 12th 2014 4 notes

boop this has been a test drive for my new tablet, after spending months without tablet I think i kind of forget of how properly use it so yea

this started well and then i got whoozy and stuff and there’s this

I still need to getting used by this new tablet cry

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July 08th 2014 2 notes

how to fashion feat. Mona

#doodle #pencil #OC #mona
July 06th 2014

iorii replied to your photoset “made some tweaks on Mona’s outfit last night, the initial design made…”

cries i love the outfits

th— thank you!! u/////u

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July 06th 2014 5 notes

I also made some other doodles last night, such as this doodle about Biru and this random crow that suddenly landed on their shoulder one morning and yeah they just kind of become friends? 

#banyu biru #oc #doodle #pencil
July 06th 2014 9 notes

made some tweaks on Mona’s outfit last night, the initial design made her looks kind of childish and I just had more fun making this tweaks, like adding details and stuff

the first pic is her “basic” outfit, and please ignore the anatomy because i was just having fun drawing stylized anatomy. also she got this hairpin that allows her do fancy tech stuff, such as activating protective glasses, summoning hologram kind of squid tentacle thing, and activating computer air screen thing, because unlike any of her peers she doesn’t have fancy alien power so she heavily relies on her intelligence and technology. 

the second pic is her other outfits such as (from left to right), underwear, swim suit, pajamas, “I’m going out” coat, and her lab coat and boots. 

reasons why I really enjoy designing her clothes is because I love drawing weird clothes and those clothes doesn’t really fits my other OCs, also if you’re wondering about her colors you can refer to this pic I made in a dollmaker

#character design #oc #mona #sketch #pencil #photoset
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